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Are you ready to lead the way?

EMHS employees bring fresh ideas and new approaches to making healthcare work better for our patients. As we redesign our organization to meet each patient’s needs, EMHS—soon to be Northern Light Health—requires strong leadership at all levels of our system, which begs the question, “How do we prepare the next generation of leaders for the future of healthcare in Maine?”

DSC_0130.JPGOn August 22, EMHS Professional and Organizational Development (POD) program participants gathered together with EMHS senior leadership, managers, and others at the Gracie Theatre at Husson University in Bangor. This day-long event was the culmination of a year’s worth of work and leadership training in which 14 groups presented their research and recommendations for solving important challenges within our organization. POD groups presented their projects on patient safety, hiring U.S. military veterans, retaining employees within the first year of hire, and other topics. That afternoon, each participant of this inaugural class was presented with a certificate of achievement followed by a cupcake reception.

The POD program is a partnership between EMHS and Husson University. One hundred employees were chosen from the many who applied for the program. They represented a variety of job roles—both clinical and nonclinical; supervisors and non-supervisors—throughout our 12,000-employee organization. A prestigious group for sure, these participants received a tailored curriculum designed to enhance their knowledge of the healthcare industry, improve leadership skills, and empower them to solve the big challenges in our industry, all while having the added opportunity to convert this learning into college credits.

DSC_0119.JPGSusan Slick, MHRT-C, MHR, Acadia Healthcare Behavioral Health Home program manager, was a participant in this year’s class and embraced the chance to learn more about our system. “It is important to have employees working on solutions to the challenges that EMHS is facing. They are the frontline staff that work at each of the affiliates and know our process and customers the best. It feels like we had a voice in the changes that will be implemented.”

EMHS president and CEO, Michelle Hood, FACHE, was there to congratulate the graduating class of 2018 and present to them their certificates of achievement. In her opening remarks, Michelle said she recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review, called Organizational Grit, which reminded her of these POD participants. “I think there is a lot about this [article] that speaks to who you all are.” She went on to read a passage from the article,

“High achievers have extraordinary stamina. Even if they’re already at the top of their game, they’re always striving to improve. Even if their work requires sacrifice, they remain in love with what they do. Even when easier paths beckon, their commitment is steadfast. We call this remarkable combination of strengths: grit.”

Dozens of proud POD graduates walked across the stage to receive their certificate and celebrate the grit it took to get where they are today, knowing more about our various member organizations, healthcare, and themselves than they did one year ago.

Still buzzing from excitement of graduating the first POD class, Danielle Abbott, EMHS Talent and Diversity specialist (a graduate of this inaugural POD class), said there is no time to rest as the second class has now been selected and participants will commence their professional journey beginning September 25. Check out who was accepted into this year's class and congratulations to the class of 2017-2018!