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Weight loss: A mountain you can conquer

Crystal-Katahdin-mountain-top.jpgAnyone who’s ever tried to lose weight or get healthier can attest: It takes daily commitment until it becomes a habit. Having the right people and resources around can motivate and keep you on track to meet your goals, as well as encourage you to go further than you believed you could go … Just ask Crystal McGouldrick, lead practice scheduler at EMMC Northeast Cardiology Associates. She is experiencing life and new possibilities like never before.

Crystal enrolled in Beacon Health Weight Solutions, a comprehensive program designed to provide accountability, direction, and support to clients looking to improve their health and well-being with healthy weight loss. She shares, “Prior to this class, I spent a lifetime uncomfortable in my own body—insecure and lacking confidence.” That was the old Crystal.

Crystal is now taking risks and pushing the limits of her comfort zone and finding happiness and joy like never before. “I joined a gym, I’m doing group fitness and spin classes, and now that the weather is Crystal-proposal.jpgnicer, exploring Maine on the power of my two feet with a goal of hiking Katahdin for the first time!” Learning to make herself a priority is paying off in new found self-esteem, weight loss, and opportunity.

Through the EMHS Health Plan, employees are finding a new path to greater health by taking part in wellness services offered by Beacon Health. The most popular class to date is Weight Solutions and more than 300 employees have participated.

“The classes are meant to be fun, educational, motivating, and team building. We are excited to see so many of our colleagues across the system join us in taking better care of ourselves,” explains Andy VanEss, Beacon Health Wellness program manager.

Are you ready to join Crystal and the hundreds of others across EMHS who are setting new goals and living a new way of life? To learn more, find a class at your location, or sign up for a personal coaching session, check out our website.