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A small comfort

George-Thumbnail.jpgAnyone who has ever suffered from kidney stones knows how unbearable the pain can be. Unfortunately, for George Montee, a provider in the sleep medicine department at TAMC, this extreme discomfort became a reality one weekend in early April.

“That Sunday, I was in such terrible pain that I had to head straight to the emergency department at TAMC. Thankfully, I was immediately medicated but the emergency department gurney was so uncomfortable,” recalls George.

Understanding that George may have a wait ahead of him, Wendy Quartermain, RN, and emergency department technician, Matt Beil, took it upon themselves to swap out George’s gurney for a real bed with clean sheets and a full mattress. “If it were us in our patients’ shoes, we’d want only the best treatment,” shares  Matt. “We knew we had the ability to make a positive difference in George’s stay. So, that is just what we did.”

“Their compassion and courtesy to take it upon themselves to ensure my wait was as comfortable as it could be was so meaningful to me. I really appreciate their efforts to go above and beyond!”

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