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Relationships are the key to good health

DSC_1606.JPG“I am so impressed with the Beacon Health Care Coordination program. Through this program, a nurse is available to support me, to take away the fear of an illness, and help me feel like I’ll be okay when I get home from the hospital,” shares Maureen Hyslop.
Maureen is a shining example of how a close connection with a primary care team can make all the difference in a person’s quality of life. She’s been a patient of James Katz, MD, at Mercy’s Portland Internal Medicine for years and appreciates how he and his team look after her. “I feel extraordinarily lucky; they all listen carefully to what I have to say and respond to me. I’m very satisfied with my care.”

Maureen is living with coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and chronic joint pain. Thanks to some close friends and her strong connection to her primary care team, she is enjoying a quality of life that allows her to live on her own. “I won’t always call my doctor, but I will call my nurse and ask her questions and share my concerns. If she thinks I need to see my doctor, she’ll get me in to see him that day.”
Beacon Health’s regular communication with Maureen during the past year has prevented a handful of trips to the emergency department. However, she required some extra care in January to get her oxygen levels normal and stabilized. Dr. Katz sent her to Mercy Hospital for care, and they were waiting and ready for her arrival. “Everyone at Mercy—from dietary, housekeeping, to doctors and nurses—all made eye contact, showing me they really cared about me. I felt a sense of compassion and community, and that I was one of them.”
Supporting patients living their healthiest is what care teams across the Beacon Health Network strive to do each day and with every patient. “When a patient living with a chronic illness consistently monitors their condition, we then see them take control of their health and avoid unnecessary emergency room and hospital visits and typically enjoy a better quality of life,” explains Cathy Simpson, RN, care coordinator at Mercy Family Care. By becoming a trusted partner in their health, patients turn to Beacon Health and together we promote patient independence and self-management. It all comes down to relationships and showing people you truly care.