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Who’s Your Brand Ambassador?

Brand-Update-Thumbnail-2.jpgIt’s been a little over one month since we announced that starting October 1, EMHS would become Northern Light Health. While this is exciting news, much preparation must occur to ensure we are well positioned to move forward on day one under a new brand. More than 300 brand ambassadors, employees from all areas of our local member organizations, have volunteered to be on the frontlines to help plan and answer questions and concerns from you and your colleagues.

Jon Hutter, EMHS director of brand and marketing, shares, “Our brand ambassadors will have a front row seat on this exciting journey, learning and actively participating in the planning of our launch. In early May, we kicked off a series of ambassador trainings that took an in-depth dive into the meaning behind our brand, how we can live the brand, and the tools that will help all us along the way. Brand ambassadors will be an important resource to you as we all navigate through the priorities of a brand launch.”

Brand ambassadors will meet regularly during the next several months; an online forum has also been created for discussion and information sharing. “Your brand ambassadors will be reaching out to you soon to introduce themselves,” continues Jon. “If you don’t hear from them by May 15, please connect with us and we’ll let you know who they are.”

Any questions can be sent to