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No Prescription Needed

While the coronavirus is drawing headlines for the lives it has claimed since sweeping across the globe, opioid-related overdose deaths remain a serious public health threat. Between 2010 and 2018, 2,289 people died from an opioid-related overdose here in Maine, according to state statistics. Even now, we are losing more than six Mainers every week, on average, to a drug overdose. “These are our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends, and our family members; making sure they have access to life-saving naloxone is of critical importance,” explained Matt Marston, PharmD, MBA, pharmacy director, Northern Light Pharmacy.
Northern Light Health has partnered with the state of Maine to dispense free Naloxone kits through several of our member organizations, including Northern Light Pharmacy. “Our pharmacists have all undergone special training to educate the public on the use of these kits and can now prescribe and dispense these kits as permitted by Maine law without needing a doctor’s prescription,” explained Marston.
We continue to offer naloxone kits at the following Northern Light Pharmacy locations. Please call the location nearest you to find out how you can acquire a kit:

Northern Light Pharmacy – Westgate                                                                                    
915 Union St., Suite 7, Bangor, ME

Northern Light Pharmacy - Whiting Hill, Cancer Care                                                                        
33 Whiting Hill Rd, Brewer, ME

Northern Light Pharmacy - State Street                                                                                                 
210 State St., Suite 201., Bangor, ME

Northern Light Pharmacy - Fore River Parkway, Mercy Hospital                                                      
195 Fore River Parkway, Suite 170, Portland, ME

“What’s important here is that people know that they can come and pick up a kit, even if it’s not for them, but a loved one or friend. The goal here is to get this life-saving drug out where it can do the most good,” Marston concludes. If you’d like more information on opioid prevention resources offered by Northern Light Health and other state and local organizations, visit  

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Healthy Life Resources provides training and support to our team members

The mental and emotional well-being of Northern Light Health employees is critically important. Northern Light Acadia Hospital has expertise in helping people exposed to prolonged stress, anxiety, and trauma, and that is why it is offering a comprehensive, coordinated, and actionable set of supports for all 12,000+ Northern Light Health employees to promote their well-being and support a strong and functional workforce. Healthy Life Resources is highly integrated with existing employee supports throughout the system and is locally coordinated to respect the needs and culture of each organization. 

Angela-Fileccia_Headshot-(002).jpg“I found the manager training provided by Angela Fileccia offered me a lot of value for a small amount of my time. The tool she taught is very simple, yet very powerful. It armed me with an easily understood and easily remembered way to engage staff during these very trying times, targeted to their well-being," says Ed Gilkey, MD, MS, MBA, CPE, vice president and senior physician executive, Beacon Health. “Angela’s delivery contributed significantly to helping me understand the value as a realistic, viable approach to one of management’s difficult conversations. She did a great job, and I encourage all our managers to avail themselves of this training.”

Interactive activities include:
  • Self-guided support: Access to self-guided mental wellness resources on demand including educational materials, pre-recorded training presentations, and MyStrength, a self-guided, digital, evidence-based platform that provides resources and interactive activities to help employees reduce stress and negative feelings. Those who use MyStrength will also have access to a personal and confidential mental wellness coach.
  • Leadership support: Web-based trainings focused on learning the signs and symptoms of stress in yourself and staff using a simple, three-step model to use during staff meetings and/or team huddles. This service also provides practical ways to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout, and on-going, live "Ask a Mental Health Expert" Q&A sessions.
  • Crisis management briefings: Designed for Northern Light Health staff working in areas under persistent, intensive daily stress, these 15-minute meetings at the beginning and end of each shift are delivered by local facilitators with a focus on maintaining employee wellness, minimizing anxiety, and teaching resiliency.
  • Critical incident and stress management: An on-demand virtual or in-person, one-time debriefing lasting 90-120 minutes provided by Acadia clinical experts. This is used when a department or organization experiences a localized, acutely stressful event, like the death of a colleague or multiple deaths in the department, for example.
“I signed up for the Leadership Support training expecting it to be focused on what I can do for my staff. However, after looking at the slides recognizing and acknowledging all the signs of stress, I thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, is there anything on this list that I don’t have?’ Gaining that self-awareness was somehow calming: we are all experiencing something on this list. But then I thought, “If I am feeling this way, how am I going to be of any support to anyone,” explains Vanessa Hopkins, practice manager, Northern Light Primary Care. “Acknowledging the things I can do for myself that will empower me to be supportive of others is so important. I recommend participating in one of these trainings, not just for supporting our employees, but for supporting ourselves.”

For more information visit

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Giving back to our healthcare heroes

All over Northern Light Health, community members are coming together to help make life a little better for our front-line staff. An anonymous donor of Northern Light Acadia Hospital wanted to find a way to show their appreciation to staff who are working directly with patients—those who come into the hospital each day, putting themselves and their families at risk during the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the donor’s generosity, each week three names are drawn for a $25 gift card. The names submitted for the drawing include all front-line employees who are physically working at Acadia during the week.
“The generosity of this donor is a special recognition to our frontline employees and the sacrifice they are making by caring for our patients during the COVID-19 outbreak. This small gesture gives our employees something to look forward to (the weekly drawing) and lifts their spirits, knowing someone was thinking of them,” explains Katie Simoncic, MBA, SHRM-CP, Human Resources business partner. 

As we navigate through this time, donations like these are a heartwarming gesture and staff recognize and appreciate the support from our community. Congratulations to one of the recipients of a gift card from Hannaford, Meghan Erving, who is a psych tech on the Pediatric Inpatient Unit.
“The gift card is helpful in this time of need. In a time where we all feel so closed off from the world, I realize that there are caring individuals thinking about us on the frontline and that we aren't so far apart after all,” says Meghan. “I'm thankful for the support and positive  encouragement of my co-workers and the community to help us make it through!”