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Maine Made Me Innovative

When he’s not at work, Josh Lapierre can be found tinkering with his snowmobiles, spending time outdoors, or working out. A Maine native, Josh didn’t start his career in Information Technology but decided to study computers after a life-changing motorcycle accident. Josh went from a 200-lb powerlifter to weighing only 130 pounds. He had to relearn how to walk and talk, and find new ways to rebuild his strength inside and out. “Innovation wasn’t optional, really innovation isn’t optional—even though you might think it is. Every day is new and a chance to try new ideas.”

Josh’s job as a senior customer technology specialist at Northern Light Health means he doesn’t sit still. He is focused on rolling out new technology along with new ways to manage that technology. While Josh is a technology expert, it’s his face-to-face customer service that makes him so good at what he does. His down-to-earth approach and positive attitude towards change makes staff of all ages and skill levels much more comfortable and open to new technology and processes.

To hear Josh talk about how he uses innovation at work and at home, watch his Maine Made Me Innovative video at: