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Maine Made Me

We make healthcare work for you. It’s not just something we say, it’s something we promise. This fall, we’re starting to highlight team members across Northern Light Health who are living our promise at work, at home, and in our communities. In our second year as Northern Light Health, it is our culture inside that truly represents the Northern Light Health brand.
Making healthcare work for you isn’t just revolutionary change or extraordinary innovations. Purposeful, everyday successes by each person across our system collectively enable us to deliver on our promise. We want this program to uncover and elevate our small successes throughout the organization and that means we want to hear from you. At both the system and local level, we’ll be making this part of our daily discussions and habits and learning about how we deliver on our brand promise.
Each quarter, we’ll focus on one of our four brand commitments and take opportunities to celebrate our successes and learn from one another. For the first quarter, our focus is on quality and the small wins that enable us to raise quality, through innovation, teamwork, and efficiency.
Each quarter you’ll also see pictures and short stories about people throughout our system. How they live our commitments and bring it into their work is part of our collective story. They are presented under the phrase, “Maine Made Me…” and they represent an integral part of our system and our teams. Some of these may be people you know. Others will be colleagues at locations across the system who you’ll come to know, as we move on our journey to make healthcare work for you.
We also have new recognition cards – Thank You cards – for people who live our commitments, who deserve a thanks for doing a job well, or who go out of their way to help others. Use these cards regularly. Supporting each other makes our promise a reality.

Below, see our brand commitments: