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Thea.jpgNorthern Light Acadia Hospital (Acadia) is partnering with the Yellow Tulip Project to host the I AM MORE photo exhibit, running until October 11 at the hospital on 268 Stillwater Avenue in Bangor.
This powerful black-and-white photography exhibit aims to erase the stigma that surrounds mental illness by expanding perceptions and challenging expectations of what mental illness “looks like.”
The courageous models in this exhibit are more than their depression, their anxiety, their eating disorder, their post-traumatic stress disorder, or being a suicide survivor. They are musicians, artists, nature lovers, parents, and friends; and they are all facing stigma.
“We are thrilled to work with The Yellow Tulip Project and feature the I AM MORE portraits in Acadia Hospital,” says Chris McLaughlin, LCSW, associate vice president of Community and Pediatric Services at Acadia. “The hospital shares their passion around diminishing the stigma that surrounds mental health, and we want to be a part of preventing youth suicide across the state. It’s a terrific match.”
The Yellow Tulip Project focuses on “smashing the stigma that surrounds mental illness and building a community where people realize there is help and hope out there. The Yellow Tulip project was born when founder Julia Hansen was in middle school. Until her sophomore year in high school, she felt alone in dealing with her own depression. It took the tragedy of losing her two best friends to suicide in 2015 and 2016 for her to find her voice and speak out. Julia had the idea to create a space for determined youth to eradicate stigma, build community, and inspire productive conversations about how to combat the rising rates of suicide.
In order to respect the privacy of Acadia Hospital patients and visitors, the hospital will require community members to call ahead and be escorted to the gallery area. If interested, please call Amie Soctomah at 207-973-6022 to schedule a time to visit the hospital and view the portraits.