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Biometric season is officially upon us

For employees enrolled in the Northern Light’s Employee Health Plan:

Beacon Health is sending out full details on biometric screenings and your specific requirements. Your communication will tell you specifically what you will need to do to earn the full reward if you choose to participate in this voluntary program.

Employees: Similar to last year, you should have received your personalized action steps by EMAIL on, or close to, August 15.

Spouses: Will receive their action steps by mail to your home address on, or close to, August 22.

Important note for NEW employees or employees newly enrolling in the health plan: If your health plan enrollment doesn’t start until August 1, you will not receive a communication. You will need to go to a full screening, which starts in September. 


The screenings have moved up one month and will start in September and go through mid-November. Employees will have until November 30, 2019 to submit provider forms. 

The possible action items a participant may need to take are the same as last year:

  • A full or partial screening at an onsite location, or

  • Lab work only, or

  • No action required because Beacon Health has all of the necessary information on file.

Your communication is unique to you and will tell you which of these action steps you will need to take. Only the lab work at a lab will require a voucher, which will be included in your communication if labs are needed. If you need a full or partial screening, you won’t need to take anything with you to the screening. Participants who have lab work done or attend a screening will receive a receipt, which they will need to save as verification. If all of your information has been gathered, you will just need to save the communication outlining your requirements for your records.


  • The reward for complete biometric screening will be $75 cash --$150 total if both you and your applicable spouse participate. This incentive is taxable and will be paid out in 2020 if you are still enrolled in the Northern Light Employee Health Plan.

  • There will be an automatic $100 contribution to your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) if you have a body mass index (BMI) under 29. Those participants who are not eligible for this reward will have the opportunity to earn it by participating in a qualified engagement program.

Be on the lookout for these materials and please let your spouse know, as well. Onsite biometric screenings will begin in September. For details on how to navigate the platform please visit Beacon Health’s wellness page.