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Northern Light Health’s healthy brain aging initiative

research-expo-2019_poster_dr-singer-(1).jpgGiven that our state has the highest median age in the nation, Mainers are at greater than average risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Northern Light Acadia Hospital’s Mood and Memory Clinic and Northern Light Health’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program are trying to do something about it.

Led by Cliff Singer, MD, chief of Geriatrics at Northern Light Acadia Hospital and principal investigator of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program; Barbara Sorondo, MD, MBA, director of the Clinical Research Center; and Astra Chang Schwertschkow, Ph.D., project manager for MAINAH, a registry for people interested in the latest information has been created, including research studies on delaying cognitive decline in old age.

Recent research has shown that adopting brain-healthy and heart-healthy habits early in life can do a lot to keep the brain healthy throughout life. Research has also shown that it’s never too late to make a difference. MAINAH (Maine Initiative for Neurologic Aging and Health) will be promoting the World Health Organization’s Guideline for Risk Reduction of Cognitive Decline and Dementia, along with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Road Map for Healthy Brain Aging through a quarterly newsletter covering evidence-based risk reduction approaches to diet, physical activity, mental activity, stress reduction, and healthy sleep. Updates on the latest research on brain health will be included. Opportunities to participate in a longitudinal study of healthy brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials will also be promoted.

Contact with questions or visit to register.