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Code of Conduct

The Northern Light Health Code of Conduct helps us deliver on our brand promise of, “we make healthcare work for you,” by reinforcing the system’s mission, vision, and values. The Code of Conduct also directs us on moral, ethical, and legal behavior, while ensuring we are compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

We revised the document in 2019 as a joint effort of the Compliance and Human Resources departments and involved a multidisciplinary work group with representation of both the system and member organizations.

Key revisions include:
  • Addition of the new brand promise and brand commitments, to hold us accountable to living the brand.
  • Addition of social media and technology and information security, because it’s not just our inperson conduct that matters and because patient privacy is of vital importance.
  • The removal of a formal section on ethics, because we should act ethically in all we do we have woven this language throughout the Code of Conduct.
The revised Code of Conduct can be found at

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Honoring a Community Pillar

IMG_6409.jpgFamily, friends, and employees of Miller Drug, now Northern Light Pharmacy, attended a special plaque presentation on July 12 for Billy and Gloria Miller, past owners of this true community pharmacy.

Inclement weather moved the gathering to the event room at Frank’s Bake Shop in Bangor, with Frank’s donating the space as well as food and refreshments for those in attendance.

Dozens of well-wishers were present as a series of speakers, including employees who worked for Billy and Gloria, spoke of the family’s generosity of spirit and love of community. Billy himself kicked off the celebration by regaling the audience with stories of his parents, Abe and Frieda, and the early days of Miller Drug, which opened in 1957, as well as proudly providing updates on his many children, grand-children, and great grand-children.

System director of Northern Light Pharmacy, Matthew Marston, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCOP, emceed the proceedings, which featured speakers Bob Cattan, PharmD, pharmacist; Amy Bryson, pharmacy technician; and Riley Stewart, PharmD, pharmacist, all employees of Northern Light Pharmacy who worked with the Miller family at Miller Drug. Each spoke personally and emotionally about their respect for the Millers and of their commitment to continue the tradition of caring that was ingrained by the personal philosophy of Billy and Gloria.

Bob shared the humorous story of the first night he closed the pharmacy and how Millie the cat escaped out the front door. He was told by a fellow employee that if they didn’t retrieve the cat by morning, they’d be looking for a new job. He proceeded to echo a common sentiment from the speakers, which was that at Miller Drug, “the script stopped here,” meaning that the Millers and their staff would do whatever it took to make sure the customer’s needs were met. Bob, and other speakers, referenced Billy’s favorite saying, “If you haven’t helped someone today, then you haven’t done your job!”

Northern Light Health senior vice president and chief strategy officer, Matthew Weed, MBA, concluded the comments portion of the ceremony, then it was time to present Billy and Gloria with a special commemorative plaque which will be featured at the State Street location of Northern Light Pharmacy, where Miller Drug had its humble beginnings.

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Your July Update with Michelle Hood

Michelle comes to you this month from Northern Light Mercy Hospital in Portland. Get updated on the latest news about the hospital's campus consolidation project, next steps in the Mayo Regional Hospital integration, and learn how the search for Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center's next president is progressing.