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Delivering Care in Any Language

Earlier this month, we announced a systemwide partnership with Stratus Video, a language services company, to provide clinically accredited interpreter services for our patients. For years, Northern Light Health has worked with Stratus at several of our member organizations, and the quality of their service has proven itself to be invaluable to staff and patients alike.
Stratus portable video units and audio translation services connect patients and providers with certified interpreters within minutes, meaning that consistent, high-quality care can be delivered with minimal delay no matter when or where patients arrive for care.
Since the initial announcement, the project team has been working hard to schedule implementation dates for each of the member organizations onboarding with Stratus, and they anticipate sharing that schedule in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, read over the FAQs, visit the lists of supported languages on video and audio, and watch how it works!