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Online Care, Anywhere

Story-Photo.jpgYour to-do list is a mile long: Get ready for tomorrow’s work meeting, swing by the grocery store, bring your kids to band practice—did you remember to send out that birthday card yet? With the whirlwind lives we lead, who has time to be sick? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your healthcare provider come to you? Our patients are asking for more convenient access to care and we’re listening—welcome Northern Light Online Care.

Northern Light Online Care is a new service launched in January and will be—for now—exclusively for Northern Light Employee Health Plan members sixteen years of age and older in the state of Maine. Its goal is to help patients save time and avoid unnecessary travel by providing them the opportunity to speak with a Northern Light Health provider via an online video consultation. This service would be for common conditions typically seen in a walk-in or primary care setting.  

“We’re piloting this new service with our plan members first to understand what works and what doesn’t,” explains Jennifer Maskala, Northern Light Health system director of Telehealth Services. During the pilot, the service is free to participants who are being asked to fill out a short survey about their experience. “Our plan members know our standards for quality and patient experiences are very high. We’re looking at their comments to shape how we provide care to all our patients in the future. Plan members will be in on the ground floor of something cutting edge in our state!”

In this pilot, Northern Light AR Gould Hospital providers will staff Northern Light Online Care. They will be able to prescribe medications, access plan member’s medical records, and share the online care visit information with plan members’ primary care providers.

“Thanks to the new systemwide electronic health record, we now have patient information at our fingertips which is important to providing consistent, quality care. Whether you’re a busy professional in Portland, a stay-at-home parent in Greenville, or a retiree in Blue Hill, if you’re on the Employee Medical Plan, this is for you. Anywhere in the state, participants can expect the same great level of convenient service,” says Claire Deselle, vice president of Applied Innovation and Performance Improvement.

Jennifer told us that this is just the beginning of what’s to come for Online Care and Northern Light Health, “To meet the needs of our patients going forward, we need to provide as many access points to care as we can. Online Care is an easy way for us to meet patients where they are and get them the care they need quickly so they can get back to living their lives.”

Want to learn more? Check out our frequently asked questions and visit the website to register!