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Here We Go!

We are now Northern Light Health. More than a name change or a new logo, our brand helps tell our story and shape our future as we continue to come together as a single team serving Maine. Throughout the state, we celebrated this exciting moment in our system’s history with presentations, fun and interactive games, and Northern Light Health-branded giveaways. Patients and families were encouraged to join our staff in this celebration—they are the reason we’re here. We hope you were able to participate in the fun!
20181001_081604.jpgAs the celebrations wind down and we begin our new journey, you will start to see new signs going up at member locations and the former brand being phased out. Starting immediately, we’ll introduce ourselves to the world with an external brand campaign on the radio, in print, on television, and online. You can see our new advertising on our YouTube channel here: We think people will really connect with its message of the authentic Maine values we all hold true. Inside our organization, we’ve see some changes as well, like a new email address, signs, and employee badges. Visit our brand site to learn more about what to expect at:
Anything worth doing is never easy and the successful launch of our new brand was made possible through the hard work of our employees, especially our more than 350 volunteer brand ambassadors who shared their passion and valuable time to bring the brand to life. We want to thank you for your fresh ideas and new approaches to sharing the message of our brand.

Every morning we get up with a purpose, because we know we can be more than we were yesterday. To us, what we do is more than a job, it’s our calling and it’s up to us to make the changes that we believe in. We are here to make healthcare work for you.

Looking for branded templates, business cards, and more? Visit our new Brand Center at

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