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Leadership group shapes future of EMHS

You’ve just been promoted to president of a leading healthcare system—one made up of hospitals, primary and specialty care offices, home health services, and more. Congratulations!

Now you make the big decisions, lead tens of thousands of employees, and are responsible to millions of patients and their families who depend on your organization’s expertise, 365 days a year. This complex company needs your guidance on things like finances, technology, quality of care, patient experience, and its workforce, just to name a few. What will your company look like in 10 years? How do you decide what projects are the most important or which problems to tackle first?

You need a plan and smart, strong leaders to help you.

At EMHS, leaders are everywhere and not recognized by a title only. We depend on all of our employees, our experts in what they do, to help inform and guide our work. That is why the EMHS Professional and Organizational Development (POD) program was developed, to support and nurture our current and emerging leaders by giving them the tools and knowledge they will need to shepherd our organization into the future.

DSC_0010.JPGPhillipa (Pippa) Gilmore, practice scheduler at EMMC Orthopedic Surgical Specialists and POD participant, is a mom and military veteran who decided to go back to college to get a degree in medical office technology 30 years after high school. “I applied to the POD program to better myself and learn about the system.” She also took advantage of the opportunity to earn college credits while in the program. “I enrolled in Husson’s undergraduate program in business with a concentration in healthcare management. Plus, I’ve signed up for the five-year MBA, I’ll get my master’s degree in one year. I might be 60 when I graduate, but that’s okay!”

Pippa remembered that on the first POD class day, it was like a throwback to the first day of school—filled with excitement and nervousness. She was struck by the variety of people from all the members in our system and the types of jobs they hold—she describes it as “a wonderful mixture.”

The 11-month program includes online participation, in-person learning, and group projects. These projects tackle actual questions we are facing as a system, submitted by EMHS senior leaders, which tie directly to initiatives from our system’s strategic plan goals. Danielle Abbott, EMHS Talent and Diversity specialist, explained, “We are able to link the classroom topics we present to real life project work happening in our system today. Being able to use the information we’re teaching for process improvement and working as a team (from across the system) has been very eye-opening and a great learning experience.”

DSC_0003.JPGTim Stormann recently joined EMHS Financial Planning and Decision Support as a senior decision support analyst from another member organization. His POD project group is looking at ways to attract, hire, and retain qualified veterans at EMHS. They are collecting research and conducting interviews to then make a recommendation to EMHS senior leadership in August at the final project presentations and program graduation ceremony. Tim said, “Young employees are better educated now than ever. If we want to capture and retain that talent, it is critical that we develop the opportunities to deploy those skills in achieving our goals as an organization when serving our patients.”

The POD program is a balance of learning and discovery about business, leadership, and the big picture view of how our organization functions. Importantly, it’s also about participants receiving the knowledge and tools they need to reach their career goals.

“It’s very low key, and not a lot of stress or pressure on you,” said Pippa of the expectations of participants. “The subject matter experts that speak to the class want to be there and share their knowledge with us as students. If you don’t understand, ask. They will explain everything. If you can get into this program, your work will make more sense.”

“There is a lot of learning that happens in between the lessons and guest speakers too,” said Tim. “One of the most valuable parts of this experience has been interacting with the other leaders in the program. I take confidence in the fact that the people I have met from across our system are bright, ambitious, and talented, and that this program is allowing us the opportunity to connect and collaborate toward building our collective future together. It’s an exciting experience.”

To learn more about the POD program, visit the Talent and Diversity portal page at:
Check back this summer for more information about how you can apply for next year’s POD class!