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A health plan that supports our kids into adulthood

Danyel-Conway.jpegAnytime parents send their kids away to college, they worry about a countless number of things: Will they make friends? Will they study? Will they be healthy? 

Michelle Conway, EMHS business analyst, had those worries about her daughter, Danyel, when she left for college last year.

Michelle was especially worried about Danyel’s health, given that she has chronic health conditions, had never lived away from home, or had to worry about her own healthcare. One of the first things Danyel did was find a new preferred primary care practice close to her college campus in southern Maine. Michelle added, “When she went to her first appointment, she got introduced to Amber Lussier, a Beacon Health nurse care coordinator.”

Danyel’s health issues require that she be diligent and have occasional support. Through the EMHS Employee Health Plan, Danyel was connected with a nurse at Mercy’s Windham Family Practice. Her nurse, Amber, is a phone call away and able to guide Danyel when her stress-induced high blood pressure or asthma flare-up. Over the course of a year, the two developed a strong relationship as Danyel learned how to manage her health while living away from home. Amber is available to answer questions, suggest new ideas, get provider input, or get Danyel in for a same-day appointment if her symptoms require it. “Danyel regularly talks with Amber—it’s  like she has a friend in her primary care practice,” Michelle said.

Michelle is comforted by this service and Danyel is too. She even told her mom recently, “I’m so glad you made me be an adult and go get a doctor.” This experience will help Danyel take care of herself so that one day, when she becomes a nurse, she too can help others.