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Why You Should Be Using Miller Drug

Miller Drug, EMHS’ retail pharmacy member, recently opened its new location at Mercy Hospital’s Fore River campus in Portland. Conveniently located for patients and employees alike, Miller Drug customers can now pick up their prescriptions, consult with a friendly pharmacist, or grab a snack and be on their way. We were surprised to discover, that some employees are unaware that Miller Drug is a member, or unaware of the many benefits Miller Drug offers for EMHS employees and their families on the EMHS medical plan.

Miller Drug employees celebrate the opening of the retail pharmacy’s new, fifth location at Mercy’s Fore River Campus on April 20thHere are four big reasons you should be using Miller Drug:

  1. Cost Savings—In addition to the 15 percent discount on over-the-counter medications, as an employee, you also receive preferred pricing on your prescription medications. This includes being able to purchase a 90-day supply at the price of a 60-day supply co-pay. “Employees on the EMHS Employee Medical Plan save $10 on 30-day prescription copays when they choose Miller Drug over an in-network pharmacy,” says Jaime Laliberte, director of EMHS Benefits.

  2. Convenience—Receive text alerts when your prescription is ready or have it delivered right to your door. Miller Drug provides mail order prescription medications free throughout Maine, which can be set up for automatic delivery. In April, Miller Drug and national pharmaceutical distributor, McKesson, partnered to provide fast and efficient prescription filling services. Miller Drug chief operating officer, Vincent Mainella, shares, “This is a positive step forward. Automating central fill will not only allow Miller Drug to become more efficient and cost effective, but will allow our pharmacists more time to counsel patients and assist with other customer service needs.”

  3. Comprehensive Services—Did you know Miller Drug can fill your pet’s prescription medication? They can also provide compounding on a scale that is uncommon for Maine. Compounding is a process of creating customized medications that are not commercially available. It can be used for a young child who may need a small, liquid dose of a drug made only in adult-dosages, or for a person allergic to one of the ingredients in the common version of a drug, for example.

  4. Community—A huge benefit to Miller Drug, EMHS, and the community is our participation in the 340(b) program, a federal program that allows qualified entities to purchase medications at a substantially lower cost. EMHS reinvests the cost savings from the program to fund medications and programs for our patients that insurance will not cover, like tobacco cessation programs and a diabetes patient care center. “It’s a critically important financial benefit,” said Jeff Doran, vice president of EMHS System Clinical Services. “We have provided more than $50 million in charity care in the last two fiscal years. Without a program like 340(b) to help with financial performance, we wouldn’t be able to support the amount of charity care we currently provide to our patients.”

From clinical programs and vaccinations, to hearing aids and walkers, Miller Drug brings tremendous value to EMHS and the communities it serves beyond prescription medications. For more information about Miller Drug, visit their website at,

Miller Drug employees pictured from left to right: Kara Smith, operations and support specialist; Brian Raymond, retail business manager; Adam Jordan PharmD, pharmacist in charge; Mary LeBlanc RPh, assistant pharmacy manager; Catherine Morris, pharmacy technician; Charles Morelli, delivery driver.