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100 veterans in 100 days

Matt Crosier is a recruiter for EMHS Talent and Acquisition in Human Resources—he’s also a military veteran. His career in the military as an artillery sergeant and most recently a recruiter for the U.S. Army, fostered skills like leadership, teamwork, innovation, and perseverance—just the type of employees EMHS likes to hire.

20170322_143126-Revised-(2).jpgIn September of 2016, EMHS joined 146 other businesses from across the state in the Hire-a-Vet campaign. This campaign challenges participating organizations to partner together to hire at least 100 veterans within 100 days. We’re glad to report that the goal was nearly doubled, with a total number of 197 veterans hired. All 16 counties in Maine had job openings and hired at least one veteran during the campaign. Of the 197 hired throughout the state, we are fortunate to have welcomed 42 veterans to EMHS.

Matt knows firsthand the challenges veterans can face transitioning into the civilian workforce after serving in the military. A Maine native, he returned home and enrolled at Husson University to earn a master’s degree in business administration. For six months, he searched for a job in his career field with little success. Matt recalls, “I applied to more than 80 places after I came off active duty. Based on the kind of questions I got, there was definitely a stigma around veterans.” Some questions included concerns about post-traumatic stress disorder and possible future deployments. Most commonly, veterans struggle to translate their military skills and knowledge to the civilian workplace—that is why Matt is such an asset to the EMHS recruiting team. He’s now been on both sides of the resume and can help bridge that gap.
“Veterans add a great value to our organization,” said Robin Doody, talent acquisition specialist and committee member for the Hire-a-Vet program. “Most veterans already have developed leadership skills, experience managing projects and supervising staff, and experience adapting effectively to change. My passion is to help veterans in any way possible, and being a part of the talent team and committee member, brings joy to my heart.”

Robin personally works with veterans to find careers at EMHS by referring a candidate to our recruiting team, and works with hiring managers to understand and translate military experience. As an additional resource for hiring managers, EMHS Talent and Diversity provides workshops to help develop interviewing techniques specifically for military veteran applicants and their unique work history.

EMHS is grateful to those who have and continue to serve our country. We appreciate the values of teamwork, duty, and adaptability that veterans contribute and look forward to working with our many veterans in the future!