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Together, we're moving forward

EMHS is in the business of taking care of peEMR,-Tablet,-Survey.jpgople. At the heart of all our decisions are our patients and how to best deliver to them safe, effective, affordable, reliable, and even innovative healthcare services. Whether a patient walks into one of our nine hospitals or in one of our many primary care facilities, receives home health services, stays in our nursing homes, or visits our pharmacies, we owe them and their loved ones a seamless, high quality experience on which they can depend.
To become such a cohesive system, EMHS must communicate and operationally perform as one entity—we must speak the same language, and currently we do not. By this, we mean our multitude of technology systems we use to store patient information, schedule appointments, collect payments, give patients access to their medical records, and more, work in dysfunction. We have an opportunity to provide our patients and employees with something better.
EMHS is pleased to announce that we’ve selected Cerner as our partner in providing a new single, integrated electronic medical record (EMR) to all EMHS hospital members. This announcement has been years in the making and we are about to embark on an exciting transformation that will strengthen how we deliver care to our patients and at the same time bring the system into stronger alignment. A single integrated EMR platform will allow clinical and operational information to flow among the various components of our organization to such areas as clinical sites of care, revenue cycle, IS, patient safety and quality, supply chain, and many more. As EMHS members adopt this single language, it will open new lines of communication that will help to ensure no matter where a patient receives services in our system, they can expect the same great care—the hallmark of a high reliability organization.
Implementation of any new system, let alone one of this scale, will require strong partnerships and commitment from everyone at EMHS to work closely as we build, train, implement, optimize, and maintain our new Cerner enterprise platform. The first three months of the Cerner implementation will be a detailed current state assessment of where EMHS’ EMR stands now. By getting the right teams involved from throughout EMHS, we will use a well-coordinated, collaborative approach to fine-tune workflows and develop a platform that will positively transform the care we deliver.

Cerner is a national leader in EMR platforms that can be truly integrated across both clinical and business systems. The company’s Maine-based staff, patient experience focus, and a less extensive build-out will support all member organizations to be on an enterprise EMR within 18 to 24 months. All were important factors that informed the final decision.
EMHS will strive to keep all employees informed of our progress toward the new EMR go-live date. For now, please visit the site dedicated to frequently asked questions about this project at: