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Restorative Health offers the privacy and convenience of telemental health.


Everyone experiences periods of stress, sadness, and grief in their lifetime. Sometimes professional mental health services are beneficial to help people work through these periods of time and feel better. Restorative health, an EMHS member, created expanded access to mental health services for our patients by offering telemental health services via a patient’s computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Brent Scobie, PhD, LCSW, and senior clinical director at Restorative Health explains why telemental health services are the new direction in mental healthcare. “Increasingly, people are using technology to stay connected with one another and make their routines more efficient. Restorative Health’s telemental health services leverages technology for this purpose.”

Brent tells us that this new way of delivering this service is very much like in-office sessions. As a new client, Restorative Health works to match patients with the provider that best aligns with his or her needs. Just like traditional face-to-face therapy, individuals who choose to attend therapy sessions using tele-video can expect to work with the same provider at each appointment.

There still can exist a stigma around seeking mental health services—an attitude that is changing. Brent adds, “Telemental health services offer additional privacy for people who want and need treatment, but may feel uncomfortable going to an office to receive it. Restorative Health’s telemental health services allow people the option to attend treatment from the privacy of their home or office.”

As an added note, EMHS Employee Medical Plan members have coverage for telemental health services at the in-system level. To learn more about Restorative Health, call 207-973-6620 or visit their website at