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Gourmet events benefit patients' experience.

Nothing brings people together quite like food. This April, EMHS Foundation events in both Portland and Ellsworth bring together culinary geniuses and community members for two gastronomic events. The events help raise funds for programs and equipment that will benefit the patient experience.

“The sharing of food has always been part of the human story. With good food and good friends, we make stronger communities,” said Michael Crowley, president of EMHS Foundation. “These galas have become community traditions, benefiting local patients and their families as well as an opportunity to showcase the talents of local businesses.” Both events partner with local chefs to serve an assortment of their best dishes for attendees to sample. Playful themes, auctions, and contests carry the event joyfully through the evening. Approximately $100,000 is raised annually by these two occasions.


Employees from Cianbro participate in a cooking competition against other companies during the 2016 Gourmet Gala in Portland.

The Gourmet Gala in Portland gathers food lovers with some of Portland’s most popular restaurants and caterers on April 11 for a sampling of the area’s best dishes. The proceeds from the event benefit Gary’s House, a safe, comfortable, and affordable home-away-from-home for families and individuals with loved ones receiving medical treatment in any greater Portland-area hospital. “We raise about $40,000 annually that helps support Gary’s House as well as help those most in need of a place to stay,” said Lana Wescott, a philanthropy officer at EMHS Foundation. “Every $100 can lodge a family for a week.”

Ellsworth On April 29, Maine Coast Memorial Hospital hosts its twenty-fourth annual Chef’s Gala, where chefs from the Ellsworth area provide tasty samplings of the local cuisine. All funds from the Chef’s Gala go to support the hospital’s Breast Clinic and cancer detection equipment, as well as help

Staff from Chipper’s Restaurant with their assortment of seafood, such as raw oysters on the half-shell, at the 2016 Chef’s Gala in Ellsworth.

support patients in Hancock County with needs such as with transportation costs to get a screening. “Breast cancer has touched so many in the community and people love to support anything that can help alleviate the pain it causes,” said Patti Patterson King, director of public relations and marketing for Maine Coast Memorial Hospital.

Proceeds from this year’s Chef’s Gala will benefit new three-dimensional mammographic imaging technology at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital. Current mammogram technology applies pressure to a patient’s breast, which can be a discomfort. This new technology takes multiple pictures in layers of the patient’s breast and then reassembles the images into a 3D model that provides clearer results. “Clearer results mean less chance of call backs for a patient to repeat the procedure,” said Patti. “We know the call backs are common enough that it is a source of anxiety for our patients. Repeat procedures are inconvenient, stressful, and cost money. Less anxiety means a better patient experience.”

If you are interested in knowing more about either event, please visit the EMHS Foundation website:

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The Ellsworth Chef’s Gala -